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“In the early 1980s, I saw Spirulina for the first time. I immediately became fascinated by it.”
“I soon discovered that the abundance of nutrients was just one instance of Spirulina’s great potential. There was something else that had been ignored at that time: fresh Spirulina is a goldmine of pure solar energy! Recent research shows that solar energy (so-called biophotons) is extremely important for the quality of our food, our well-being and our health. This form of energy, however, is very sensitive and difficult to preserve. Normal packaging does not sufficiently protect and preserve the energy of the sun. After several attempts, we found a solution. Thanks to the newly developed Miron® glass, it is now possible to protect and optimally store the precious energy of the sun for a long time. Thanks to the exclusive concept of Miron® packaging, I am able to offer you Spirulina of the highest quality with its unaltered original freshness and vitality.
I personally guarantee it.”
Marcus Rohrer

The synergy of a goldmine of substances.

Algae are precious gifts of nature rich in nutrients for daily well-being. They are among the oldest forms of life on the planet, which appeared on earth about three billion years ago and have always been used for their great nutritional and beneficial values in Eastern cuisine and medicine.

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Algae are photosynthetic organisms present in the aquatic environment for more than 3 billion years. Thanks to their rich chemical/nutritional composition and high content of bioactive substances, they have been used in nutritional supplementation.