The largest Marine Protected Area in Italy. An uncontaminated territory. The largest and best preserved Posidonia oceanica forest in the Mediterranean.

Aegadian Islands, Favignana

The Posidonia that lives in this area has unique characteristics due to the clarity of the water and the absence of pollutants that, on the one hand, allow the plant to carry out the typical cycles of higher plants and carry out a synthesis of the relevant substances for cosmetic use and, on the other, avoid the presence of polluting or allergenic substances such as nickel and other metals.

An exclusive cosmetic product

Research into its possible use in Cosmetics was started in agreement with the Marine Protected Area of the Aegadian Islands, defining an eco-friendly harvesting protocol for Posidonia Oceanica. With the contribution of researchers from the Institute of Biophysics of the CNR, the Laboratory of Chemical Synthesis and Mass Spectrophotometry of the CERB of the University of Genoa, eastern Piedmont and the University Consortium of the province of Trapani, it has been possible to combine nature, tradition and science at the service of beauty to transform plants that are a gift from the sun and an uncontaminated Mediterranean environment, into prized cosmetic ingredients. From this research, was born the extract of Posidonia oceanica of the Aegadian Islands that, when expertly combined with other prized natural ingredients, has given rise to a range of 15 highly innovative and effective natural cosmetics.